Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Five Luminous Mysteries

We were talking about intentions for each mystery of the Rosary and how we don't really have any for the Luminous Mysteries. I have made up my own:
  • 1st Mystery - For those who have prayed for me.
  • 2nd Mystery - For those for whom I've promised to pray.
  • 3rd Mystery - For those who have asked for my prayers.
  • 4th Mystery - For my enemies.
  • 5th Mystery - For the Holy Father. 


Maria said...

Thank you Fr John. I will adopt it too!

Janet said...

We've also made up our own:
Repentance and trust in God; a spirit of obedience (or marriage and family life); courage; a desire for holiness; and an increase in faith.

Delima said...

Yes...thanks Father, for sharing those intentions. I like them and will be glad to use them too.